Fifteenth Workshop on Computational Research in Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology


Wednesday, October 31

08:50–09:00Session Opening: Opening Session
09:00–10:30Session 1: Phonology
09:00–09:30Efficient Computation of Implicational Universals in Constraint-Based Phonology Through the Hyperplane Separation Theorem
Giorgio Magri
09:30–10:00Lexical Networks in !Xung
Syed-Amad Hussain, Micha Elsner and Amanda Miller
10:00–10:30Acoustic Word Disambiguation with Phonogical Features in Danish ASR
Andreas Søeborg Kirkedal
10:30–11:00Tea Break 1
11:00–12:30Session ST: CoNLL – SIGMORPHON 2018 Shared Task: Universal Morphological Reinflection

Wednesday, October 31

14:00–15:30Session 2: Low-Resource Morphology
14:00–14:30Adaptor Grammars for the Linguist: Word Segmentation Experiments for Very Low-Resource Languages
Pierre Godard, Laurent Besacier, François Yvon, Martine Adda-Decker, Gilles Adda, Hélène Maynard and Annie Rialland
14:30–15:00String Transduction with Target Language Models and Insertion Handling
Garrett Nicolai, Saeed Najafi and Grzegorz Kondrak
15:00–15:30Complementary Strategies for Low Resourced Morphological Modeling
Alexander Erdmann and Nizar Habash
15:30–16:00Tea Break 2
16:00–17:30Session P: Poster Session
 Modeling Reduplication with 2-way Finite-State Transducers
Hossep Dolatian and Jeffrey Heinz
 Automatically Tailoring Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation to the Language
Ramy Eskander, Owen Rambow and Smaranda Muresan
 A Comparison of Entity Matching Methods between English and Japanese Katakana
Michiharu Yamashita, Hideki Awashima and Hidekazu Oiwa
 Seq2Seq Models with Dropout can Learn Generalizable Reduplication
Brandon Prickett, Aaron Traylor and Joe Pater
 A Characterwise Windowed Approach to Hebrew Morphological Segmentation
Amir Zeldes
 Phonetic Vector Representations for Sound Sequence Alignment
Pavel Sofroniev and Çağrı Çöltekin
 Sounds Wilde. Phonetically Extended Embeddings for Author-Stylized Poetry Generation
Aleksey Tikhonov and Ivan Yamshchikov
 On Hapax Legomena and Morphological Productivity
Janet Pierrehumbert and Ramon Granell
 A Morphological Analyzer for Shipibo-Konibo
Ronald Cardenas and Daniel Zeman
 An Arabic Morphological Analyzer and Generator with Copious Features
Dima Taji, Salam Khalifa, Ossama Obeid, Fadhl Eryani and Nizar Habash
 Sanskrit n-Retroflexion is Input-Output Tier-Based Strictly Local
Thomas Graf and Connor Mayer
 Phonological Features for Morphological Inflection
Adam Wiemerslage, Miikka Silfverberg and Mans Hulden
 Extracting Morphophonology from Small Corpora
Marina Ermolaeva
17:30–17:40Session Closing: Closing Session