Accepted Papers

  • Yiding Hao and Samuel Andersson
    Unbounded Stress in Subregular Phonology
  • Shuo Zhang
    Data Mining Mandarin tone contour shapes
  • Alexey Sorokin
    Convolutional neural networks: baseline of state-of-the-art quality for low-resource morpheme segmentation
  • Alexander Erdmann, Salam Khalifa, Mai Oudah, Nizar Habash, and Houda Bouamor
    A Little Linguistics Goes a Long Way: Simple, Effective Unsupervised Segmentation
  • Sudheer Kolachina and Lilla Magyar
    What do phone embeddings learn about Phonology?
  • Arto Anttila, Scott Borgeson, and Giorgio Magri
    Equiprobable mappings in weighted constraint grammars
  • Yohei Oseki, Yasutada Sudo, Hiromu Sakai and Alec Marantz
    Inverting and Modeling Morphological Inflection
  • Petra Steiner
    Augmenting a German Morphological Treebank by Data-Intense Methods
  • Ramy Eskander, Judith Klavans, and Smaranda Muresan
    Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation for Low-Resource Polysynthetic Languages
  • Andrew Lamont, Charlie O’Hara, and Caitlin Smith
    Weakly deterministic transformations are subregular
  • Cassandra L. Jacobs and Fred Mailhot
    Encoder-decoder models for latent phonological representations of words
  • Yiding Hao and Dustin Bowers
    Action-Sensitive Phonological Dependencies